Announcement of Hanshi Cup 2015


It is with great Honor and Privilege that I have been asked to formally make this Greeting and Salutation on behalf of all the Instructors and Groups from the American Kenpo Karate Ed Parker System attending this great event.

This is the 13th Hanshi Cup annual Championships, and for the very first time a special International Training Camp, with workshops and seminars for all ages and belt ranks. A truly „World” gathering of top Black Belts from at least 10 countries attending USA – Australia – Hungary – Jersey – Belgium – France – Holland – Ireland – Poland and Slovakia

Sharing and Teaching their Special skills to all. I am Proud to be Associated with this Great event

Roy Macdonald
Master of the Arts
8th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Jeff Speakman Kenpo Master and Hollywood film star accepted our invitation

First of all we would like to thank to Mr. Jeff Speakman Kenpo Master and Hollywood film star to accept our invitation. We are waiting for his seminars with enthusiasm where he can introduce us The KENPO 5.0 his special Kenpo method and philosophy.

Secondly on behalf of the Hungarian Zen Bu Kan Kempo Federation we would like to thank to Mr. Roy MacDonald A.M.A. Kenpo Master all the support and help that he did for us and also for the Events we organizing.

The Hungarian Zen Bu Kan Kempo Fedaration was founded in 13th years ago with true Martial Arts Spirit and with an Olympic idea and mentality to build friendship and strengthen sporting spirit among the people in the World. That is why it is our personal pleasure and also a great honor for us to invite all kenpo/kempo people from the World to Hungary. We would like to say special thanks for all those people who are thrusting us in advance we hope we will deserve your advanced confidence and the 13th Hanshi Cup 2008. (6th December) and the Seminars (7th December) will be a relevant milestones of the kenpo/kempo history.


Sensei, József Tar 2nd Dan
Chief organizer
Bushido Kempo Karate Martial Arts Association 

Renshi, Valer Papp 4th Dan
President of Hungarian ZBK Kempo Federation 

Kyoshi, László Lévai 6th Dan
Honorary President of Hungarian ZBK Kempo Federation

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