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4th Hanshi Cup 1999

Winners of the 4th Hanshi cup 1999 

First Team: Bushido

József Tar – kata, 2nd place
Valér Papp – weapon kata, 1st place
László Tar - self defence, 2nd place
Gergely Tóth  – 3-point fight, 1st place
Tibor Petre – ground fight, 4th place

(The Bushido team hereby won the Hanshi Cup and its law of arranging for the third time, so according to the rules of the competition the trophy of the Hanshi Cup became theirs for once and for all.)


Second team: Jászapáti Tigers

Zoltán Hernádi – kata, 1st place
István Kocza – weapon katas, 3rd place
Attila Nagy – self defence, 4th place
József Kovács – 3-point fight
Zoltán Kátai - ground fight

Third team: Kamion
Attila Nagy – kata
László Fürst – weapon kata
Sándor Szabó – self defence
Balázs Kabina – 3-point fight, 2nd place
Szabolcs Felföldi – ground fight, 1st place


Winners of professional level self-defence:

Zoltán Horváth - 1st place
Attila Takács - 2nd place
Roland Nagy - 3nd place


Winners of the 2nd bare knuckle full contact fight („Viadal”):

Light weight:

1st Zoltán Hernádi-
2nd Attila Takács
3rd Péter Kabina

Middle weight:

1st Péter Mészáros
2nd Ferenc Szoboszlai
3rd Zoltán Durkó

Heavy weight:

1st Attila Mácsik
2nd Zsolt Szucs
3rd Péter Koós

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